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"Overcoming Poverty by Empowering People."
The Winona Area Poverty Roundtable is a collaborative of caring people, rooted in a spirit of compassionate justice and service, committed to overcoming poverty by empowering people. The Winona Area Poverty Roundtable does not accept the inevitability of poverty in the community.

The Winona Area Poverty Roundtable will:
  • Recruit, train and support mentors (looking first to the membership of Winona area churches) who will build relationships with people in search of a supportive and strategic presence in their lives, then expand the program to include all who wish to use their talents in a mentoring program.
  • Sponsor and support programs to inform the people of the Winona area about poverty, its causes and consequences, and to advocate for change in public policy towards poverty and the poor.
  • Support the existing network of religious institutions, agencies, and institutions in the Winona area that address the specific needs of our neighbors and foster the formation of new organizations to address unmet needs.

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