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Item Category Descriptions

You can put small appliances like blenders and toaster ovens (etc.) in this category. Items like furnaces and water heaters are ok too. Examples include: Air Conditioners, Blenders, Coffee Makers, Dehumidifiers, Dishwashers, Dryers (for washer and dryer set use Washer/Dryer), Food Processors, Furnaces, Garbage Disposals, Humidifiers, Microwaves, Mixers (hand mixer and upright), Refrigerators, Stoves, Trash Compactors, Washers (for washer and dryer set use Washer/Dryer, Water heaters,
Arts & Crafts
Any items used for creating art and crafts. For example: popsicle sticks, glue, glitter, etc.
Put any items specifically made for infants or children in this category. Examples: Cribs, Playsets, Safety Gates, Sandboxes, Strollers, Swing sets, Toys, Walkers.
Examples of electronics: Clock Radios, Computers, Copiers, Keyboards (for computers), Monitors, Pencil Sharpeners (electric), Tape Recorders, Televisions, Typewriters, Stereos, Speakers, Vacuums, VCRs.
Includes furniture for various rooms of the home. Examples: Bed (for complete setup i.e. frame, boxspring and mattress), Bed Frame, Book Shelf, Box Spring, Chair, Coffee Table, Couch, Desk, Dining Room Set, Dresser, End Table, Entertainment Center, Hide-a-bed, Mattress, Recliner, Table (kitchen table), Television Stand.
Home Decor
These are items used to decorate a room, but are not permanent fixtures. Examples: Artwork, Blinds, Curtains, Comforters, Drapes, Lamps, Pillows (decorative), Rugs.
Home Renovation
Put any items intended for use in home renovation in this category. Tools and devices that can be used in fixing a home are ok too. Examples: Awnings, Concrete, Door (Interior/Exterior), Garage Door, Glass, Insulation, Ladder, Light Fixture, Lumber, Sheet rock, Sink (bathroom, kitchen, etc.), Shingles, Tiles, Toilet, Tools (any kind used to fix things in a home–saws, drills, hammers etc.), Workbench, Work Light.
Lawn & Garden
This category if for any materials to be used in the lawn or garden. Examples include: Bricks, Chipper/Shredder, Dirt / Fill, Fence (chain link/ wooden etc.), Fertilizer spreader, Firewood, Furniture (patio/lawn), Garden Tools, Grill (gas and charcoal), Lawn mower (all kinds), Log splitter, Lawn Swing (A frame and hanging), Patio Block, Plants (garden plants), Rocks, Seeds, Snow Blower, Tiller, Trimmer, Wood Chips.
Musical Instruments
Any musical instruments or equipment Examples: Amplifier, Banjo, Brass, Case, Drum (set or individual parts), Guitar/Electric, Guitar/Acoustic, Keyboard, Music Stand, Organ, Piano, Woodwind.
Pet Equipment
Examples: Aquarium, Bird cage, Carrying cage, Dog house, Dog kennel, Food bowl, Litter box, Scratching post.
Recreation & Exercise
This category includes recreational equipment and home exercise equipment. Examples: Baseballs, Bicycle (stationary or normal), Camping stove, Cross country skiing machine, Golf Clubs, Hockey Skates, Hockey sticks, Moped, Motorcycle, Pool, Rowing machine, Sleeping bag, Stair climbing machine, Tent, Treadmill, Weight set, Weight bench, Weight lifting machine.
Storage & Miscellaneous
Anything that does not fit in the other categories or items used for storage. Examples: Briefcase, Luggage, Tools (tools not used for home renovation), Tool chest, Tool shed, Truck box, Truck topper, Work bench.
Tools & Automotive
Hand and power tools. Automotive or motorcycle parts, equipment, tools, accessories.

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